Alan Mann: Planes

Hunt the Bismark

Hunt the Bismark
A2: 56 x 40cm

Price: £500

I just happen to love Catalinas. They were pigs to put down: you had to fly just above the water surface until your airspeed dropped to stalling speed, then let the thing down with a bang. But they were great patrolling planes - tremendous range.

As for the poor old Bismark - a question of sour grapes. She was lucky enough to sink the Hood with plunging fire, so we hunted her down with half the Home Fleet, like hounds round a fox: a revenge killing.

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GROUNDED: Hurricane 43 Squadron, November 1940


Beaufighters, 404 Squadron, RCAF Coastal Command, Muckle Flugga, Shetlands, 1942


Alighting: Short Rangoon, 203 Squadron, RAF Basrah, 1930

Alighting: Short Rangoon

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